She’s like the first rain,
the calmness before it, the chaos after,
She’s like the first sip of tea,
Sweet, refreshing,
She’s like a first kiss,
the butterflies before it, the memory after,
She fits me like a glove, she was made only for me,
The perfect piece to my puzzle,
The perfect key to my lock,
She’s the reason I smile, the only reason that can make me cry,
The reason waking up is worth it,
The reason there is a future worth waiting for,
Without her, it doesn’t matter if the sky is blue,
If the sun rises, if the moon shatters,
If the stars disappear,
She’s like a book with no ending,
A book with a different genre everyday,
She’s a piece of my heart, a part of my soul,
Not better, but my best half.

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