In my stable mid-twenties, skies being no limit,
Married man already from a little over a minute,
I switch gears disproportionately time after time,
Sober through the years, next day tequila with lime,
Random is the thrill, conventional is so boring,
A weekend no sleep, another passes snoring,
Change is the only constant, that is the world’s norm,
Flow like the wind, then become a sandstorm,
My heart’s my ally through this, while my mind is tired of fighting,
One’s a flashy fool, while the other silently writing,
Through the constant quarrel and often stuck in between,
Theres a bottled up grandpa with a heart of a teen,
An odd amalgamation, somehow works out,
At least I think it does, the others I doubt,
The sun stopped amusing me, passionlessly rises and sets,
We’d rather talk about life while rolling cigarettes,
Then ride so far away, designing maps as we go,
If anyone asks you’re Jane, and I’m John Doe,
Erratic, non-sensical, delusional if you may,
Unapologetically sorry, this is the only way I sway.

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