She’s barely a hundred pounds, no fear in her eyes,
Always so strong and cold,
only her pillow hears her cries,
Why did she become stone? What even got her there?
With the devil himself, she has an old affair,
She’s the sweetest thing around,
with the most daunting mask,
You can trying peeling the layers,
but it’s not an easy task,
She looks so calm and quite,
but there’s a fire burning inside,
I’ve gazed in her eyes, and I was left petrified,
If she happens to look and smile,
consider it your lucky day,
No she’s not interested, she’s far from that clich√©,
She’s the toughest puzzle there is,
tremendously enigmatic,
If your heart slips for her, you’re definitely a fanatic,
Even a fool I’d call you,
cause there’s no getting out now,
You’re stuck in quicksand, and you don’t even know how,
You were merely playing a game, smiling and joking about,
Now you can’t dive in, neither back out,
The effect she has on you, even she’s unaware,
Or maybe she sees everything, smoking on her boss chair,
While you tear up thinking, about what went wrong,
I recommend you put on, the most melancholic song,
Roll a joint while you’re at it, feel every emotion,
Breathe in reality, sip that magic potion,
Go easy on yourself, and hope that this too shall pass,
You’re just a stupid boy, with heart made of glass.

heart of glass – describing someone who falls in love easily
daunting – Intimidating
petrified – make someone motionless or unable to act by fear
enigmatic – difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious
fanatic – a person who is extremely interested in something to a degree that some people find unreasonable
melancholic – sad

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