Perfection’s a myth, but right now your so close,
My vision maybe blurry, but deep down my mind knows,
You are the forbidden fruit, in the holiest garden,
If only this atrocity, had an easy pardon,
Sleepless and in thought, I lay down every night,
Staring at a blank screen, struggling to write,
If all of my feelings, could be put into words,
You’d hear my heart sing,
like the early morning birds,
And even if that happens,
it won’t bring a smile on your face,
You’re simply going to deem me, “an everyday nutcase”,
I don’t want anything, just for you to understand,
Unwittingly you became, my Alice in wonderland,
The days I roamed cluelessly,
nights were devilishly dark,
Mind-bending affair, that still left a mark,
Thorny situation, if I would’ve known I’d stayed away,
But it felt real what it was,
not a game that was in play,
Beautiful it itself, there was no lust in sight,
Only fantasies of a queen,
with her shinny armoured knight,
So close to get over this,
but I want it to take a while,
Your eyes are certainly helping,
even more so is your smile,
I know all of these emotions, will die one day,
Before that I’ll still hope that maybe “someday”.

atrocity – a shockingly bad or atrocious act, or situation
unwittingly – without being aware; unintentionally
Alice in wonderland – something in a dream or an imaginary world, especially in a way that is not based on practical, reasonable ideas

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