Like a rainbow in the night,
The sea under moonlight,
A poetry in motion,
In silence, a sweet commotion,
In a field of dandelions, the prettiest rose,
In a world of selfies, the Marilyn Monroe pose,
She slowed down time,
Far from a paradigm,
The life of an evening,
Left me with an odd feeling,
Skipping heart beats like rocks,
Dreaming of late night beach walks,
Dances away, like the world doesn’t matter,
In a first impression – a borderline mad hatter,
She has it her way, with almost anyone,
Perks of being created, so elegantly finespun,
Highest soaring bird, even the clouds are jealous,
Her way of life? A tad overzealous,
She has the sort of vibe, of a revelling December,
A one of a kind character, I hope to remember.

nonchalant – unconcerned; unbothered
commotion – noisy disturbance
paradigm – a typical example or model of something
mad hatter – completely insane; crazy
finespun – developed in excessively fine or subtle detail
soaring – flying or rising high in the air
overzealous – too eager or enthusiastic
revelling – enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing

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