Most lively years apparently, yet tired all the time,
Still looking for fun, in an otherwise uphill climb,
Running toward success, without knowing what it means,
Expected to figure out life, when I’m not sure about my jeans,
In a battle with time, which is barely mine anymore,
What freedom are people talking about? I’ve got bills to pay for,
Juggling priorities, having the dexterity of a grandpa,
Take a break for a bit? Dare I have the chutzpah!
Either living on my bed, or then barely at home,
In an ever changing world, constant being incognito on chrome,
I fight demons no one knows about, smiling away for the gram,
Savings just enough for Goa, plan’s ready for Amsterdam,
Am I supposed to start a family? in this economy?
While I pick pieces tirelessly, to get an ounce of autonomy,
Don’t even get me started on careers, the word seems like a scam,
Just do what makes you happy? How do I figure that goddam!?!
Puzzling of em’ all, is the love life situation,
I was told there’d be a line, now it’s endless frustration,
But after all the grumbling, I know this’ll fix itself someday,
Until then I tackle it with headphones on, and the BS flies away.

soaring – flying or rising high
dexterity – skill in performing tasks with the hands
chutzpah – audacity
autonomy – ability to make your own decisions about what to do

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