Opposites attract, is that even true?
Was skeptical until I noticed me, gazing at you,
A panic bus hit me, and dam it hit hard,
Suddenly all of your notifications were starred,
Never rode a roller coster, but this felt like the worst one,
Week starts on Monday, and in the first hour I was done,
Spiralling back and forth, slowly crumbling in thought,
While my brains cells were performing, an elaborate fox-trot,
Focus kissed me goodbye, logic straight outta the door,
Not a wink of sleep while my heart was left sore,
It is what it is, at least that’s what I told myself,
This isn’t something I could’ve kept, at the back of the bookshelf,
It didn’t last long, but I felt every minute,
For the kick I now go in and out, lickety-split,
As over as it is, this one goes in my book,
The chapter that left me, the most awfully shook.

fox-trot – a ballroom dance having an uneven rhythm with alternation of slow and quick steps.
lickety-split – as fast as possible

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