Following the light..

About 11 June 2022… I usually work at a desk close to the window. From a few days I could see the clouds get darker during the day, cold wind blowing at times and sometimes if I’m lucky light showers. Monsoon season is here and for me it’s biker season! I did my first long ride in the monsoon and loved it ever since. Yes the roads are slippery, you’re most likely going to get wet and mucky, and god forbid you need to stop in an emergency you have to pray and hit the brakes. Well, at least on […]

Off-roading in the Mulshi trails

About 29th May 2022… Off-roading was never really something that fascinated me, it never seemed from the looks of it to be so challenging for some reason and also looked messy, so was never inclined to it. However, being a part of a biker club where everyone spoke so highly about off-roading, I had to give it a go. Also, given the fact that I ride an adventure motorcycle, it just made sense to take it to the dirt. This was going to be my first fully off-road focused ride that involved trails and a jungle like environment. Started off […]