My first big tattoo and with a big tattoo comes the responsibility of answering the most common question, “what does it mean?” I get it doesn’t necessarily have to have a meaning, but for me, it was important, if I was getting something permanent on my body, it has to have meaning. So here’s mine:

Not the strongest, not the fastest, not the smartest, so relatable already! but even though they’re not all of this, without the wolf the nights in the wild are incomplete. Growing up I’ve heard so many stories, songs, movies about the wolf, in some they’re heroes, and in many the villain, but my fascination with them remained the same irrespective. Whether it is the pack mentality, the territorial-ness, the howling, or just how beautiful they are even at their fiercest, I’m in awe of all.

I’ve grown up around some really strong men, but the women, dam, they were something else. It is from these women I learned the real meaning of strength, it’s not always violence and fighting, it’s sometimes the ability to take whatever life throws your way and still stand tall. It explains why I’ve always been enamoured only by strong women.

I remember as a kid, the first time I saw an owl, it was sitting on a goalpost on a football field at night and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What stayed with me was that it was referred to as “Bad omen” and “Evil”. I never could see how a fuzzy lil bird, nature’s 007, weird in it’s own way, could be so misinterpreted. I resonated with how misunderstood they are and since then only see all the beauty it has to offer.

From the time I realised I could draw, I’ve always tried to draw these 3 characters in so many variations over the years. I’m glad it could all come together like this in one design.

Thank you @inkscool and @rinkithapa for making this come to life so beautifully. Right from the designing to the end result, you have been amazing.

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