Being the guy who’s notepad is always filled with either poems, content on random topics and lengthy captions which I always have to shorten before posting on social media (because who reads the captions?), I figured a blog just makes more sense, it’ll give me more freedom and my personal space on the web. I always thought of topics that I can share my two cents on, but never the platform that fit and maybe just maybe, this might be it.

From Human Resources to Biking to Travelling to life as a whole, I have a thing or two to share, so here it is,

Why the name?

As much as I’d like to say I love things organised, I actually thrive in chaos. It’s the sorting of chaos that makes me tick. The anxiety, the rush when everything is falling apart is nothing but an opportunity to straighten things, that i surprisingly discovered to be my comfort zone or is it? Who knows, there’s time to figure it out, but for now, this is what it is. Plus chaoticnick has a ring to it 😛