My first WordCamp!

Having worked in the WordPress ecosystem for close to 4 years now, I was quite familiar with WordCamps. This familiarity, however, didn’t come first hand. It was from articles, blogs, videos, and people talking so highly about it with numerous stories about the numerous WordCamp’s they’d been at. I removed my notepad and I had another item on my bucket list: “Attend a WordCamp”.  As soon as the chatter about WordCamp Mumbai 2023 started, I knew this was my chance, and I grabbed it. The expectations I had for WordCamps were just an inch above the clouds, thanks to stories […]


And maybe life is happening, and you’re right, it’s happening to both of us,But maybe one is stronger, and can deal with it without a fuss,Maybe it’ll all get better, maybe it’ll get worse,Maybe become a blessing, maybe even a curse,Maybe we’ll fight through everything, maybe one day we’ll quit,Maybe I call you a sweetheart, maybe you call me a hypocrite,Maybe it’s meant to be this way, maybe we’re completely offtrack,Maybe one day we reminisce, maybe one day it’s a painful flashback,And in the world of maybe’s, I’ll still choose you every time,Maybe just maybe, this is our love paradigm. […]

Soaring 20s?

Most lively years apparently, yet tired all the time,Still looking for fun, in an otherwise uphill climb,Running toward success, without knowing what it means,Expected to figure out life, when I’m not sure about my jeans,In a battle with time, which is barely mine anymore,What freedom are people talking about? I’ve got bills to pay for,Juggling priorities, having the dexterity of a grandpa,Take a break for a bit? Dare I have the chutzpah!Either living on my bed, or then barely at home,In an ever changing world, constant being incognito on chrome,I fight demons no one knows about, smiling away for the […]


And when the sun sets, a part of me is awoken,The part that needs to forget, the part that’s broken,A new facade is ready, the goal remains the same,The darkest outfit on, set the night aflame,Music at it’s loudest, scares the demons away,While consciousness fades, bodies aimlessly sway,Pain behind smiles, betrayal behind kisses,With every smooth score, plentiful misses,Shot after shot, isn’t it a game after all?Some tearing up for life, some for their wonderwall. facade – a false appearancewonderwall – the person you constantly find yourself thinking about

The “Adult” Facade

There’s this thing keeps playing in my head so I figured let’s spill it out and see if we’re all sailing in the same boat or am I lost. When I was a kid, while many my age dreamt big of becoming pilots, astronauts, doctors when they grew up, I just simply wanted to grow up. Being an adult was always portrayed to be someone who could wade of monsters at night and tackle the pain of a job during the day, who could make life and death decisions in a minute, provide for the family, pay bills etc and […]

Miss nonchalant

Like a rainbow in the night,The sea under moonlight,A poetry in motion,In silence, a sweet commotion,In a field of dandelions, the prettiest rose,In a world of selfies, the Marilyn Monroe pose,She slowed down time,Far from a paradigm,The life of an evening,Left me with an odd feeling,Skipping heart beats like rocks,Dreaming of late night beach walks,Dances away, like the world doesn’t matter,In a first impression – a borderline mad hatter,She has it her way, with almost anyone,Perks of being created, so elegantly finespun,Highest soaring bird, even the clouds are jealous,Her way of life? A tad overzealous,She has the sort of vibe, […]

Best half

She’s like the first rain,the calmness before it, the chaos after,She’s like the first sip of tea,Sweet, refreshing,She’s like a first kiss,the butterflies before it, the memory after,She fits me like a glove, she was made only for me,The perfect piece to my puzzle,The perfect key to my lock,She’s the reason I smile, the only reason that can make me cry,The reason waking up is worth it,The reason there is a future worth waiting for,Without her, it doesn’t matter if the sky is blue,If the sun rises, if the moon shatters,If the stars disappear,She’s like a book with no ending,A […]

Do you need to be a good writer to hit publish/post?

When I first decided to start a blog, I was haunted by this question. Should I really put my thoughts out there for the world to criticise? Thinking about that lead me to answers that brought a lot of clarity. Let’s get into it. Are you good enough as a writer to hit publish/post?Does it even matter? Your blog/page, you deicide when to go live. Good or bad, it’s subjective either way, and even if it’s bad to everyone in the world, well, that’s okay, they can simply choose to not read. Even if your content makes someone think “if […]


5th May 2022: In memory of Lorsu, who passed away exactly one year after my father on the 5th of May ’22. Who’s Lorsu?That’s a question I often came across growing up and had no straight answer to. Saying neighbour seemed too distant and saying uncle meant I couldn’t answer further whether from mom’s side or dad’s. To me, Lorsu played many roles, he was a friend, a father, a grandfather, a handyman, and forever my cheerleader. A support system like no other, who would come to my aid at my beck and call. He often took upon himself to […]

Underrated, Misunderstood – Dada

dada – an informal term for a father A month after dada’s demise, I just needed to write in order to process everything, this is a glimpse of my notepad. It’s all over the place, just like my mind then: It’s been 1 month, so quickly, it still won’t sink in, and I hope it never does, because it’s more comforting this way. A father-son relationship is usually not one of the simple one’s. Me and dada were more of the usual case I’d say, we happily coexisted in the same house, most of the time in peace, he let […]