There’s this thing keeps playing in my head so I figured let’s spill it out and see if we’re all sailing in the same boat or am I lost.

When I was a kid, while many my age dreamt big of becoming pilots, astronauts, doctors when they grew up, I just simply wanted to grow up. Being an adult was always portrayed to be someone who could wade of monsters at night and tackle the pain of a job during the day, who could make life and death decisions in a minute, provide for the family, pay bills etc and this was fascinating to me. Yes, even paying bills! Yuk!

Being an adult meant having the freedom to do what you want when you want, it meant that you’ll always make right decisions somehow. I came to know that’s a lie the hard way.

Adult also meant “18+”, so I naturally thought that as soon as I turn 18, I’m going to figure everything out, I’m going to have a plan and my life will get on track and everything on cruise control then. Couldn’t have been more wrong na?

I’m 26 now. Confused just as much as when I was 12, except, I’m just more confident. Society looks at my age says I’m an adult so I’m playing that part and behaving in that manner, but really I have no idea what the hell am I upto. I’m just winging it everyday, everywhere. Are we all just winging it? Winging our way through life? Acting all tough and “adulty” when we have little to no clue about anything. Please tell me you feel so too!?!

Are we sure we want to talk about stocks, crypto, global warming and politics and not just about movies, music, travel or life? I don’t know bro. At this point, I don’t know if real “adult-adults” even exist or some people are just really good at playing their part.

Are we all paid actors in a movie called life? If so, it’s time I get a raise.

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