And maybe life is happening, and you’re right, it’s happening to both of us,But maybe one is stronger, and can deal with it without a fuss,Maybe it’ll all get better, maybe it’ll get worse,Maybe become a blessing, maybe even a curse,Maybe we’ll fight through everything, maybe one day we’ll quit,Maybe I call you a sweetheart, maybe you call me a hypocrite,Maybe it’s meant to be this way, maybe we’re completely offtrack,Maybe one day we reminisce, maybe one day it’s a painful flashback,And in the world of maybe’s, I’ll still choose you every time,Maybe just maybe, this is our love paradigm. […]

Soaring 20s?

Most lively years apparently, yet tired all the time,Still looking for fun, in an otherwise uphill climb,Running toward success, without knowing what it means,Expected to figure out life, when I’m not sure about my jeans,In a battle with time, which is barely mine anymore,What freedom are people talking about? I’ve got bills to pay for,Juggling priorities, having the dexterity of a grandpa,Take a break for a bit? Dare I have the chutzpah!Either living on my bed, or then barely at home,In an ever changing world, constant being incognito on chrome,I fight demons no one knows about, smiling away for the […]


And when the sun sets, a part of me is awoken,The part that needs to forget, the part that’s broken,A new facade is ready, the goal remains the same,The darkest outfit on, set the night aflame,Music at it’s loudest, scares the demons away,While consciousness fades, bodies aimlessly sway,Pain behind smiles, betrayal behind kisses,With every smooth score, plentiful misses,Shot after shot, isn’t it a game after all?Some tearing up for life, some for their wonderwall. facade – a false appearancewonderwall – the person you constantly find yourself thinking about

Miss nonchalant

Like a rainbow in the night,The sea under moonlight,A poetry in motion,In silence, a sweet commotion,In a field of dandelions, the prettiest rose,In a world of selfies, the Marilyn Monroe pose,She slowed down time,Far from a paradigm,The life of an evening,Left me with an odd feeling,Skipping heart beats like rocks,Dreaming of late night beach walks,Dances away, like the world doesn’t matter,In a first impression – a borderline mad hatter,She has it her way, with almost anyone,Perks of being created, so elegantly finespun,Highest soaring bird, even the clouds are jealous,Her way of life? A tad overzealous,She has the sort of vibe, […]

Best half

She’s like the first rain,the calmness before it, the chaos after,She’s like the first sip of tea,Sweet, refreshing,She’s like a first kiss,the butterflies before it, the memory after,She fits me like a glove, she was made only for me,The perfect piece to my puzzle,The perfect key to my lock,She’s the reason I smile, the only reason that can make me cry,The reason waking up is worth it,The reason there is a future worth waiting for,Without her, it doesn’t matter if the sky is blue,If the sun rises, if the moon shatters,If the stars disappear,She’s like a book with no ending,A […]

Sunflower and the Moon

Opposites attract, is that even true?Was skeptical until I noticed me, gazing at you,A panic bus hit me, and dam it hit hard,Suddenly all of your notifications were starred,Never rode a roller coster, but this felt like the worst one,Week starts on Monday, and in the first hour I was done,Spiralling back and forth, slowly crumbling in thought,While my brains cells were performing, an elaborate fox-trot,Focus kissed me goodbye, logic straight outta the door,Not a wink of sleep while my heart was left sore,It is what it is, at least that’s what I told myself,This isn’t something I could’ve kept, […]

Heart of glass

She’s barely a hundred pounds, no fear in her eyes,Always so strong and cold,only her pillow hears her cries,Why did she become stone? What even got her there?With the devil himself, she has an old affair,She’s the sweetest thing around,with the most daunting mask,You can trying peeling the layers,but it’s not an easy task,She looks so calm and quite,but there’s a fire burning inside,I’ve gazed in her eyes, and I was left petrified,If she happens to look and smile,consider it your lucky day,No she’s not interested, she’s far from that clich√©,She’s the toughest puzzle there is,tremendously enigmatic,If your heart slips […]

Hindi v0.1

Teri aawaz na jaane kyu ab tak satati hai,Raat ke sannate mein bhi aksar sunai deti hai,Pukarti nahi, lekin sunn kar acha lagta hai,Phir sochta hu tere baare mein, tab dil chubne lagta hai. Kaash tum ek aur pal rukh jaati,Kaash ek baar phir peeche mud jaati,Tujhe mein bata paata,Tujhe aakhir mein kitna chahta,Farak par tujhe phir bhi padta nahi,Yeh dil ki bate hai, tujhe samajhti nahi,Khudgarz ho ya tumhara bhi dil toota hai,Pyaar ke bazaaron ne hume bhi loota hai. Agar paana aasan hota, toh yeh dil tumhe chunta nahi,Agar paana aasan hota, toh yeh dil tumhe chunta nahi,Mujhe […]

Hoplessly, someday

Perfection’s a myth, but right now your so close,My vision maybe blurry, but deep down my mind knows,You are the forbidden fruit, in the holiest garden,If only this atrocity, had an easy pardon,Sleepless and in thought, I lay down every night,Staring at a blank screen, struggling to write,If all of my feelings, could be put into words,You’d hear my heart sing,like the early morning birds,And even if that happens,it won’t bring a smile on your face,You’re simply going to deem me, “an everyday nutcase”,I don’t want anything, just for you to understand,Unwittingly you became, my Alice in wonderland,The days I […]


Ek waqt aisa ayega,Saari khwahishein tumhari sach hogi,har dua qabool hogi,Par fir bhi ek afsos hoga,aankhon mein aasun zaroor hoga,Itmam sirf ek afsana hai,yeh dil tumhara diiwana hai,Lagam isko lagti nahi, batakar yeh bhagta nahi,Tum yuhi muskuraoge,aur tabahi machti jayegi,Haste jhoolte gaoge, aur chot lagti jayegi,Dard meetha lagega, bechaini nashili lagegi,Ek waqt aisa ayega, tumhe khwaab dikhayega,Tum pankh jaise hi lagaoge,muh ke bal gir jaoge,Haqiqat ka khauf hi aisa hai,ek tanha pal jaisa hai,Khwaabo ka bhoot fir chod jayega,saans bhi dard pochayega,Uthne ki taaqat nahi rahegi,uthne ka maan bhi nahi rahega,Phir ek waqt ayega, ek naya khwaab dikhayega. itmam- perfectionafsana- […]