My first WordCamp!

Having worked in the WordPress ecosystem for close to 4 years now, I was quite familiar with WordCamps. This familiarity, however, didn’t come first hand. It was from articles, blogs, videos, and people talking so highly about it with numerous stories about the numerous WordCamp’s they’d been at. I removed my notepad and I had another item on my bucket list: “Attend a WordCamp”.  As soon as the chatter about WordCamp Mumbai 2023 started, I knew this was my chance, and I grabbed it. The expectations I had for WordCamps were just an inch above the clouds, thanks to stories […]

3 years at rtCamp!

March 2020 was an eventful month globally, and for me all the more, since that marked the beginning of my journey with rtCamp. At least the official journey. So what’s the unofficial one? Here’s a small story that I’ve been itching to write about: May 2019, I was in my 2nd year pursing my Masters degree and thought of looking out for a job. I wanted to start getting some experience, start earning for myself, and just go out there and explore. So I started my lookout for a job and rtCamp was the first one that I got an […]

How to (correctly) apply to an HR Job!?

If you have between 0-5 years experience in the field of Human Resources and are unable to get through the application process of an HR Job then this is for you. I’ve hired for various positions in the past couple of years in my career, involving technical positions, marketing and sales positions, design, and HR as well, but surprisingly out of all, hiring for the HR team has always been the toughest. While there can be multiple reasons for this, let’s get to the solutions. Introspect: Before diving into applying for jobs, first understand in which area of Human Resources […]

Workation done right!

The hustle-bustle of Covid 19 was one heck of a disaster, still is, but it bought an interesting concept of Workations to light. As it sounds, Workation = Work+Vacation. Is it really something that works though? Or does one overpower the other? I tried it for the first time last month, and I’m super glad to report that it does work! But! You need to take care of a few things in order to extract the most out of it. Preparedness You know those trips you plan last minute and they just turn our to be the best? Well, a […]