March 2020 was an eventful month globally, and for me all the more, since that marked the beginning of my journey with rtCamp. At least the official journey. So what’s the unofficial one? Here’s a small story that I’ve been itching to write about:

May 2019, I was in my 2nd year pursing my Masters degree and thought of looking out for a job. I wanted to start getting some experience, start earning for myself, and just go out there and explore. So I started my lookout for a job and rtCamp was the first one that I got an interview invite for. In my head, I knew it would take a few interviews for me to get the hang of it and then I would eventually do well in one and get selected, so I went to rtCamp quite casually, with a “I’ve got nothing to lose” approach and no preparedness.

As I entered the office, I remember the lighting being a bit dim, developers with multi-screen desktops, MacBooks, flashy headphones, dressed in shorts, hoodies, chilling on bean bags and working and in that moment it felt like “dam, this is something”. It looked like the cool startup everyone wanted to be a part off.

It wasn’t the typical office I expected it to be, it was just the opposite, it was dreamy. I still remember that moment before the interview when I realised how badly I wanted to work here but how little I prepared. I had a horrible interview, obviously, but the panelists were still so kind to me, that although I knew there’s no way I’d get selected, the first thing I did getting home, was to put a review on Glassdoor about the panelists.

I took that failure hard. After that, I interviewed at several places. I prepared so thoroughly for them that I aced every single one of them. I finally decided to take on a 6 month internship out of the many offers I received.

The rtCamp office was on the way to this company I had joined. Everyday on my way to office and back, I would just look at the rtCamp office and feel that regret of the failed interview, every single day. 6 months later, my internship ended and I thought I’ll complete my final exams first and then look for jobs once I’m done with the degree.

Fate though, had other plans. As I was scrolling through a job board just browsing options. There it was. rtCamp was hiring for an HR Executive. There was no way I wasn’t going to apply. It felt like my moment, I just had to grab the opportunity and grab it with both hands. I carefully applied, submitted the required assignment, got called for the interview, didn’t tell anyone cause didn’t want to jinx it. I went there and just thoroughly enjoyed. I remember walking out satisfied and happy because at least I knew I gave it my best shot.

The next day I got a call saying I was selected. Bliss, pure bliss. That’s the only way I’d describe that feeling. The regret I carried for so long just perished, it was my Rocky Balboa moment. “It ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward”. That day I conquered. Yes, I understand it was probably just a job, but not for me.

Today, it’s been 3 years at rtCamp. The experiences I’ve had, the skills I’ve acquired, the exposure I’ve got, the people I’ve come across, from an HR Executive to an HR Manager, the journey, it’s all been so surreal. I wake up grateful. Nothing is perfect and everything in life has ups and downs, but gratefulness is a constant in this journey.

So a big thank you rtCamp!

6 Replies to “3 years at rtCamp!”

  1. Great experience you have shared.. You have evolved a lot. It has never looked like that i speak to a guy who is just 4 years old in the corporate world. Great Stuff man..

  2. Thanks for choosing rtCamp, Nick. It’s great to have you as a part of the team.

    Here’s to the next three years 🍻

  3. Love how genuine your writing is!

    P.S. There’s a content writer’s position open on our career page too. :p

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