When I first decided to start a blog, I was haunted by this question. Should I really put my thoughts out there for the world to criticise? Thinking about that lead me to answers that brought a lot of clarity. Let’s get into it.

Are you good enough as a writer to hit publish/post?
Does it even matter? Your blog/page, you deicide when to go live. Good or bad, it’s subjective either way, and even if it’s bad to everyone in the world, well, that’s okay, they can simply choose to not read. Even if your content makes someone think “if this fool can write then so can I”, even then, you’re still inspiring.
Best case scenario? Someone relates to something, someone finds answers to what they’re looking for, someone knows they’re not alone, someone elaborates your thought, someone feels an emotion they needed to, the possibilities are endless. So when you have nothing to lose and so much to gain, why wouldn’t you dive in?

Why am I writing?
To express myself. To put out what otherwise lives only in my mind. To feel a lot lighter in my head. Also, mainly because I like to. Discover your reason.

Simply put, if you like doing something, if something makes you happy without causing any harm to others, then why not?

If you’re worried about what the world will say, well, they’ll always say, so might as well give them something to talk about, something to laugh and cry about. But don’t refrain from doing things you want to do because of the critique or judgements that come along with it. You’ll learn along the way, hopefully.

As a kid I remember playing cricket and football, not because I was good at it but because I actually liked it. It was fun. It was not perfectionism that I chased, it was pure joy. So if I was smart enough to do that as a child, then why stop now? It’s not necessary to be good at everything you like.

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